Any time you make a new web site, it’s essential to find the best layout for it. From the Steves Website Hosting Website Control Panel you can do that very quickly. We have for you a selection of more than 800 exclusive site templates available for completely free. They are available with every one of our cloud hosting accounts and are also thoroughly customizable.

Practically all of the templates are built exclusively for Steves Website Hosting’s services and aren’t available anywhere else beyond the Control Panel. Which means that the possibilities to locate someone else with similar theme as you are generally small.

800+ No Charge Layout Templates

100% customizable. Automated Installing

With Steves Website Hosting, you will find a collection of more than 800 no charge layout templates, built straight to the Control Panel. This will likely help save many hours in looking third–party template websites to search for the most suitable template for your site. You now may get your theme right out the Control Panel.

Steves Website Hosting’s no charge layout templates are available using our Website Installer and then our own Complimentary Site Builder. Each of these tools works together with its very own couple of web templates, so you are able to look at both and decide on the most impressive appearance and feel for your web site.

Free Website Themes

No Charge App Layout Templates

Get no charge layout templates for your upcoming web application

If you are planning to have a Joomla website or perhaps start a new Wordpress blog, there’s an easy solution available for you. With our Applications Installer, you are able to opt for a no charge layout template when starting your website. Our wise system will deploy the theme for you and at the time your site will go online, it is going to highlight the site theme you have opted.

Our no charge layout templates are not confined to just Joomla or WordPress. We’ve got no charge layout templates for Moodle (e–learning), Mambo (CMS) and 4Images (image gallery).

Free App Themes

No Charge Site Builder Layout Templates

100+ thoroughly easy to customize no charge layout templates

If you desire to design your very own website and save cash on web site design, you’ll be able to take benefit from our Complimentary Site Builder. It’s a theme–dependent site constructor that requires zero HTML or CSS expertise from you, and is also obtainable for free of charge with all our cloud hosting packages.

The tool features more than 100 special styles, which you’ll completely personalize to your taste. Since these no charge layout templates are produced just for the site builder, there is no doubt that after you construct your web site, it’s going to be completely unique.

Free Site Builder Themes